Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Hooked on E-Books, Highschool & More

One of the perks with my job at the Old Schoolhouse Magazine is getting to read a lot of the new E-Books that they are producing- most all homeschool related of course.

I am so a lover of hard copy books, but hey, I'm getting used to sitting at the computer and doing some reading there and then a little work too. I've read some fantastic and motivating E-Books in the past two months: Living on One Income-How 12 Families Make it Work; HomeWork (homeschooling and home business); What About Socialization?; Molly's Money-Saving Digest; Turning Points in Homeschooling (I absolutely LOVED this one!); and Creative Nature Study to name a few. All are recommended, by the way, and available now or in the future through the Schoolhouse Store. Perhaps I'm getting hooked on E-Books! I didn't think that was possible.

I enjoyed reading about remarkable families from all walks and backgrounds making homeschooling a success and loving it, with God's guidance through many ups and downs. I'm just really amazed and uplifted and motivated and blessed to be homeschooling and interacting with my family the way we do. I'm also re-evaluating where we're headed in our journey.

I'm going to be project managing a new E-Book (what an opportunity!) on College Prep for Homeschoolers too, so my mind is focusing also, on my own highschooler (though two have since graduated) and my soon to be highschooler, and the path we are taking. Exciting times for sure, when everything you've done and said and tried to do will be put to the test as you watch your children venture out into the scary and awesome world of independence and great responsibility. I think we've done a good job, and I sometimes think of the what ifs, but I can't go back and change anything, and I don't really think I want to. Life's a dance, you learn as you go (hey, I think that's a song!) and anyway we've sure learned a lot and had a bunch of fun on our journey and it's not over yet! So many good things have transpired, but our relationships with each other and with God are still the main priorities.

I was talking with my son, Gideon, 20, today, and you know he just really inspired me and made my heart leap and jump. I am so proud of him, to see the transformation that God has done in him, in the last few years. I can say at one time I was worried about him and his attitude, but miracles happen. If you take a good look at yourself and don't like what you see, make a change. Do something! Make those little steps and more steps and more until they lead to progress and marked change. Anyway, Gideon is like the motivational speaker, pep talk rally coach kind of guy now and inspires everyone around him. I know he'll do great in life. The right attitude goes a longgggggg way!

Well my original thought was that hey, we did great in homeschool highschool because he knows how to learn whatever he wants or needs to, he has a love of learning, he has the skills necessary to learn and do well, and a heart for God and what is good and right. How much more do you really need?

With God's continual hand of guidance on our lives we can't go wrong. It's just amazing when you can simply TRUST God to continue what you have started and KNOW that even though it's not all smooth sailing, there's a good outcome. He's teaching us all manner of worthwhile stuff on this journey.

I love homeschooling! Oh, and I love books, and E-Books too!

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