Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missing Gideon . . .

Here are Jeremiah 14, Benjamin 17, Gideon (almost) 21 and Josiah 23

Oct. '09: Our second oldest flew the coop.

I always knew the day would come, and that it wasn't going to be that easy to "let go". I really feel the void these last weeks of Gideon's absence. But, it's a wonderful thing to have independence and be responsible and fend for yourself.

I did so too, the minute I turned 18—not that my family life was bad or anything—I just had the most pressing urge to "be my own boss," and after awhile I found out just how difficult it can be—though I learned a whole lot through that experience.

Gideon is a bit older than I was and a whole lot wiser (I do believe) with so much more going for him, and he'll do very well. The pic above was taken on our first visit to his new apartment. We had such a fun day visiting and anticipate many more such fun days to come. My prayers for him are many as with all the boys. I'll survive—but I need a bit more time to adjust.

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