Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Article is in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

Gee, it's long past time for updating this blog. I'm excited this month because I am a published author in the summer issue of TOS, and guess what? It is going viral for FREE. My story is on page 72, a new version of my blog entry from many years back when we first moved to the natural state of Arkansas.

Check it out for yourself here: Free digital Summer 2011 edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Feel free to pass it on and share with your friends.
Read It Online Today!

I'm in my last year of homeschooling with my youngest son this year and doing a lot of reminiscing. How did so much time fly by so fast? We are so blessed.

So for now, my life is turned toward homeschool planning with Jeremie—his last year. I can't believe that this awesome homeschool journey with our four sons is ending . . . but I'm reminded that our education NEVER ends. It's cool that I am still on FIRE about learning after all these years. That's how God made us. I've loved learning along with my sons . . . but the journey is never ending for me. How about you?

I saw this quote this week and remembered reading Teach Your Own many, many years ago—so glad I took the time!

"What makes people smart, curious, alert, observant, competent, confident, resourceful, persistent—in the broadest and best sense, intelligent—is not having access to more and more learning places, resources, and specialists, but being able in their lives to do a wide variety of interesting things that matter, things that challenge their ingenuity, skill, and judgment, and that make an obvious difference in their lives and the lives of people around them."

—John Holt~ Teach Your Own

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