Friday, October 21, 2011—It's Everything You Love About Homeschooling

Homeschool mentors. I've been greatly influenced by them over the 20+ years we've homeschooled.

If I'd had access to Susan Evans remarkable website and blog, filled with articles, audio workshops, E-Books and hands-on resources, I'd have considered myself in Homeschool Heaven. And that's what it feels like when you enter her site and hang out awhile. It's everything you know you and your kids LOVE about homeschooling.

With almost 100 articles on a variety of topics and subjects, a ton of ideas to use with unit studies (my absolute favorite and effective way to teach), awesome real-life photos, and intriguing hands-on, ready-to-use resources for purchase, you need to add to your list of favorites. Oh, and I love that she includes a Charlotte Mason primer on the famous set of books.

Does she have experience? I'd say. She grew up in Guatemala as a missionary kid (read her E-Book!), raised by Christian parents. At 18, she moved to the U.S. and earned a Bachelor's degree in English. She was a certified teacher and taught for seven years before having children. She's taught in public and private schools, including two years in London, England. She was a middle school drama director and became popular for her hands-on learning, which she incorporates in her methods of teaching her own children at home and willingly shares with others in workshops and through the web. She loves God, delights in her husband and four kids, has a BIG heart for homeschooling, and loves to play dress-up.

In fact, go to her site now and you can sign up for the free workshop: "Boxes, Forts, and Tents." It's packed with fun ideas. And at times during the year, she shares her children's hands-on learning yearbooks as well. These are incredibly unique works, that include lots of fun unit study ideas with pictures galore! Hint, hint—are you making scrapbooks or yearbooks with your kids yet?

Another thought about those mentors. When you search the web you can find a lot of info, even free info, but it costs something to those that provide it. Be generous—if you are blessed by something or someone, let them know! Buy a product you'll love, share on FB, tell your friends!


  1. I met and talked with her and her husband at the WHO convention this year. Also bought a couple of her DVD's. :-) Still need to find time to view them. Of course I don't agree with everything, but the hands on learning is a concept I love.

    1. I LOVE the unit study approach and wish I had access to her mind when my boys were younger. How can we agree with everything? I customize everything to fit us. Thanks for your note and get out those DVDs!


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