Saturday, January 21, 2012

Links to Inspire You and Your Kids to Write and Be Published

Learn More About Writing and Publishing

Looking for places where you or your kids can polish your skills and perhaps get published? Here are a few favorite sources and a few new ones I found to check out:
  • Homeschool Gazette Though no longer accepting submissions, you can find creative writings from homeschoolers and a lot of ideas to use. (This is our family's older website.)
  • Young NanoWriMo Young National Novel Writing Month isn't so much a competition—rather a month long challenge to children to write a novel. If approved and they complete their word count in time, they can get a printed copy of their book.
  • One Year Adventure Novel  Student writer’s contest open to licensed users of this program. We have a local homeschool family that highly recommends this creative program.
  • Kids Are Authors Contest  Hosted by Scholastic. Grades K–8. Under the guidance of a project coordinator, children work in teams of three or more students to write and illustrate their own book. Deadline: 3-15-12 

Get Writing—Get Published! 
I was hoping to find many more homeschool  publications but here are a few links to check out:

  • Apricot Pie A unique website designed by and for homeschoolers, where young people can post their stories, essays, poems, and photography. For homeschool students and graduates.
  • Write Me a Story  A place where children can try their writing skills, share their imagination, read fun stories, and maybe even get published on the Internet! For students (11 and under) and teens (12 and older).
  • Writing for Kids  A kid-friendly site that welcomes student writing samples. Send yours in and get published!
  • The Kid’s Ark  Children’s Christian magazine - Geared to kids ages 4-12, quarterly 36 page, full-color, interactive magazine.

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