Friday, January 4, 2013

My Goals for Healthy Habits 2013

The following is a guest post from my other blog: Kathy's Kitchen & Raw Nutrition. Please visit me there!

For breakfast this morning I’m sipping a thick, icy, delicious, “green” apricot-peach smoothie topped with a dollop of whip cream as I write out my Health and Happiness goals for the coming New Year. I have an emotional attachment to food—healthy or otherwise—and that’s just one of many concerns I’m dealing with. But for now, I’m simply going to enjoy the pleasure of this marvelous treat! Ummmm.

We all have our individual bents and devices. Whatever yours are—they are unique to you, and you owe it to yourself to pay close attention. Our bodies are God’s temples and they deserve respect. Migraines, fatigue, insomnia, and thick fungal toenails do not make life enjoyable! I got myself to where I am today and there’s hope to living a better life, if I treat myself well and feed my body what it needs and craves. (No, it’s not Junior Mints, chocolate Ă©clairs, or beef jerky.)

What will make you healthier?

As you know, or can guess, eating raw, enzyme and nutrient rich foods is a priority that I believe can help heal what ails me. Do some reading at Hallelujah Acres or the Gerson Institute and you’ll glimpse some of the amazing benefits of adding more alkalizing fruits and vegetables to your diet and their relationship to the disease process. But that’s just part of my plan, and no, I don’t aim to eat all raw foods , but I am desiring a healthy lifestyle change and mostly raw is a part of it (and I’ve been at it for awhile).

Three months ago I fit into my clothes better than I do now, and eight years ago, I was 30 lbs. smaller and had kept it off for several years, but the weight slowly crept back up. I need more balance. Losing 30 pounds again is one of my goals, and I’m giving myself a whole year in which to do it, BUT, weight loss is not my main goal—Health is! Physical, mental, and spiritual.

I had an excellent Christmas 2012 with my family. 
I'm 5'10" though I look like a midget next to my very tall sons and husband.

I’ve outlined my goals, with extensive plans to implement them for the coming year, and part of my new plan at Kathy’s Kitchen blog is to break them down, concentrating one week at a time on just a few individual things to put into practice. I’ve selected four category titles to concentrate on each week to share: Move, Munch, Motivation, and Mindset. You can follow me there and on Facebook to see what I’m up to and if you are joining in on the Healthy Habits Linkup fun and community accountability, I’ll be following you and gaining inspiration from you all as well.

My Simplified Health Goals for 2013

  • Improved overall health (#1 priority)
  • Look good / feel good
  • Assert a positive outlook and attitude
  • Increase knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Maintain excellent eating habits specific to my health issues (including anti-inflammatory diet + raw foods-based diet)
  • Lose weight—30 lbs total for the year (2.5 lbs per month)
  • Increase energy, strength, and flexibility
  • Exercise routinely
  • Minimize stress
  • Experience less frequent migraines and untoward symptoms of disease
  • Have a well-fitting, slimming, wardrobe
  • Reach out and help others, sharing similar interests and needs while following the Health Habits Linkup and post my weekly response
  • Experiment, update, and add new healthy recipes and information to Kathy’s Kitchen . . . blog

Let’s Start . . . Week One:


Exercise! I’ve been lax with exercise recently, but I feel so much better and my energy level increases when activity and exercise are part of my routine. For me, this is crucial, so it’s a priority. I simply won’t drop an ounce if I’m lazy. I like to pop in a Jazzercise DVD and I’m just starting to do a yoga routine (Yoga for Inflexible People) which I find very relaxing. In nicer weather I need to start walking around my neighborhood again. My aim is for exercising five times per week, put my feet up and relax in the afternoons for 30 minutes, and otherwise make a conscious effort to keep moving.


Drink My Greens! I like to do fresh fruit and vegetable juicing, but it’s time consuming and I don’t do it but several times a week if it’s a good week! But I can make green smoothies kind of quick and I can put organic dried green powder into a cup of water (with lemon, and stevia) for a quick nutrition boost. The plan is to drink my greens every day—fresh juicing, added to smoothies, or just in a cup. (Scroll down this page to see my basic smoothie recipe from an older post titled Breakfast in the Raw.)


Something new! I’m excited to be alive today—the first day of the New Year, and I’m looking forward to this opportunity to renew my promise to love and care for myself, while working on some healthy habit changes along with other ladies through a Health Habits Blog Hop. Thank you, Dollie at Teacher's of Good Things for sponsoring it!


Baby steps! I know the right answers; it’s implementing them that are the tricky part. Taken in steps, I can accomplish much and so can you. It’s like I’m starting over . . . One thing I am good at is that if I blow it, I will start again. So, while I’ve come a long way in changing my lifestyle and eating habits . . . say in the last 10 years, there’s much more I can, and want to do and learn.

Some sweet day in the future, maybe I’ll be able to share with you some before and after pics (I love those, don’t you?) but if you want added inspiration and care to read some very encouraging stories check out this link: Two ladies that have positively motivated me to take a closer look at the way I eat and the choices I make (included on that page) are Angela Stokes and Tonya Zavasta! Keep in mind that we are not all Angelas or Tonyas but there are lots of things we can learn from others.

Excuse me while I pop in that Jazzercise DVD!

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