Friday, March 21, 2014

From Expectation to Miscarriage - Free E-Book

From Expectation to Miscarriage—True Stories of Faith, Hope and Healing

"One moment you are rejoicing at the news that you are expecting a baby—all of a sudden your joy turns to sorrow when you learn that you are going through a miscarriage.

You feel scared, alone, and devastated. You wonder if there is hope after miscarriage."

I have a personal story that I share in this free E-Book compiled by many authors who share a similar yet different journey through miscarriage.

Having children was always in our plan. Several years of barrenness was not. Our first two pregnancies resulting in miscarriage within a year of each other left me devastated. The only one I could turn to was God.

If you've found yourself alone in a world where the heartbreak of miscarriage consumes you, like I did, it may help to talk to others that have felt your pain and walked in similar sandles. 

Of course no one has the same exact story, but many have found a semblance of healing by searching the facts and discovering the grace of God through faith and hope and the love of family and compassionate friends. 

If miscarriage is not part of your story, but you know of someone whose it is, this is a great resource to pass on to them.

You can read my miracle story along with the other heartfelt stories of precious Moms who have left tiny angels in heaven through miscarriage by clicking on this link:
From Expectation to Miscarriage—True Stories of Faith, Hope and Healing

May this E-Book treasure be a blessing to you and others. 

Thanks to Dollie at Teacher's of Good Things for producing this valuable resource.

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