Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Love Scrapbooking!

There's something about those pretty papers, colorful stickers, amusing-photo-faces and all those sentimental memories that goes with them; then mix in creativity and a finished keepsake project. That is scrapbooking, and what fun it is!

Last month I did a 50th birthday memory album for my sister as a gift, and years ago I did a 5oth anniversary album for my parents. Though a lot of work went into them, they will be enjoyed for many, many years!

Each of my sons have used scrapbooking for homeschooling, to save favorite photos and journal about outings in a special notebook. I'd encourage every student to take the time and effort to do the same. Looking back years later, you'll envision the winding journey you took through childhood and treasure those captured moments through your unique pages.

Resting for years in boxes, in my closet, are dozens of envelopes filled with old photos just waiting on me to do something with them. I've done a little for myself here and there, but for me it's best to just make a whole day of scrapbooking (with the mess and all). I don't have a special table space that I can just leave everything out on day after day.

This summer I am helping our local homeschool group with a yearbook project and I found out about On-line Scrapbooking at

It is so easy to use once you get the hang of it and you will have to download their free software to use the program. It enables you to make jpg's of your finished page and if you want you can print them or have photos made. There is also community sharing of scrapbooks if you want. It would be a wonderful way to share photos with relatives and friends! The photo above is really a minimally simple one I did at Scrapbookflair in minutes, of my four handsome sons. The one above that is one I did for our yearbook. Here's another:On-line creative scrapbooking is a lot of fun also, and you still get that finished product you are looking for. What I've shown here is just the basics, but the potential is wild. Check out that web site and you'll see.

Happy scrapbooking and have a great day....

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