Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Homeschool

I was asked to write a short paragraph on our homeschooling experience for the yearbook. I thought, "Me, only write one paragraph?" But I will share what I came up with:

We have always schooled at home and it is one of my favorite things to do! This is because I am very involved, I love learning along with my boys, and witnessing their growth and progress on a daily-monthly-yearly basis is such a blessing to me. Two of our four sons are graduated and in college and that leaves two teenagers. We are eclectic in that we utilize things from many different methods and styles. I have always loved learning together with book and unit studies, and we like to concentrate on history chronologically at this time. I have been inspired by Charlotte Mason and have benefited from researching into her methods. The main gist of our education revolves around reading great, inspiring, living books, many of which we read aloud together. I have found that sharing a great story and discussing it produces a special bonding between family members and gives insight into their character and thought processes. Independent learning is also very important, as I believe "what a child discovers for himself he is more apt to keep," allowing for creativity, individuality and responsibility to flourish. We are sincere in saying that homeschooling provides the best education for our children and we thank God for the honor and delight of teaching them at home.

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