Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Am a Princess

My husband told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. "I want you to know how it feels to be a princess," he told me. Curious, I did as I was told. Within moments, I was hysterical as I felt this light feathery touch going up and down my body. I squinted open my eyes to see the long, green, princess feeling device in his hand - a peacock feather. So, I do know what it feels like to be a princess.

Father's Day is quickly approaching and I think it's wonderful to share a close relationship with our earthly Fathers but I don't want to neglect the relationship with my Heavenly Father, the King. That makes me a Princess.

Do you have a favorite song? One that you can identify with? That you could listen to over and over again? That you just want to share with all your best friends? Let me share with you Susi Meredith's I Am A Princess, from her Secret Place CD.

You are a Princess! Act like a Princess! Feel your Father - the King's, presence in everything you do. Trust Him, that He is always there for you and that His love is enough. Through Him you will find strength and all you need.

I Am a Princess
©1975 Susi A. Meredith; from the CD "Secret Place"
-1- I am a princess and my Father is the King
He loves me when I'm angry,
He loves me when I sing

And when I disappoint Him

Still He loves me just the same

He told me I'm His treasure

He left His throne to bear my shame

I'm a princess
and The King has crowned me with His Name

-2- I am a princess and my Father is the One
Who holds all things together by His power and His love

He keeps the planets spinning

Each one in its perfect place

And right from the beginning
I was predestined by His grace

To be a princess

And the King has crowned me with His Name

(bridge) I don't live in a castle
I don't live high up on a hill

And I don't ride white horses yet

But I hope someday I will

I like to dream about

All the things He has in store

Just maybe stars are really stepping stones

That lead to my front door

He told me He's preparing

A beautiful mansion just for me

With windows made of rainbows

Looking out across the crystal sea

I'm a princess

Everything The King has

He wants to share with me

-3- When everything is ready
He will come to claim His own

Royal sons and daughters

Who have been loyal to His throne

His love is beyond measure

His firstborn Son removed our shame

He's called us His own treasure

Though the earth may shake
We shall remain

Ill be with Him forever

And even though we shall be changed

I'm still a princess and The King has crowned me with His Name
I'm a princess and The King has crowned me with His Name

I'm a princess and The King has crowned me with His Royal Name

His Royal Name
His Royal Name.......

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